Talanza Energy Consulting

Daniela Flores

Head of midstream and downstream

Daniela Flores oversees the tailoring of midstream and downstream regulatory compliance schemes. Her areas or expertise include analysis of natural gas and liquids markets as well as first-hand experience on the implementation of procedures to guarantee not only regulatory compliance but also assure supply, demand and infrastructure review for a comprehensive advice in each of our clients' energy projects.
Daniela has over 8 years of experience in the public, private and social sectors. During her tenure in the Ministry of Energy, she participated in the design and implementation of the natural gas market in Mexico, as well as on the design of public policies and regulations for energy security and planning on the development of the infrastructure systems. Her experience in private and social sectors, as well as several governmental institutions provides a broad vision of the Mexican economy and energy sector for our clients. Daniela holds Masters degree on Urban Studies from El Colegio de México and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the ITAM. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree on Energy and Environmental Policy and Management from FLACSO.

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