Talanza Energy Consulting


No one knows your business better than yourself, that’s why you hired the most talented people in the field Why, then, distract the most brilliant minds from doing what they excel at with red-tape, files, and complex processes?

We ensure that your energy business achieves success, empowering it through consultancy based on regulatory intelligence.

We transform ideas into actions

As consultants and developers of regulatory intelligence, we have been part of the oil and energy business for a long time. We understand the complexities of the market, technology has become our best ally, and we have discovered new models with many options to explore. We create strategy-centered experiences that make the most of your business.

Everything begins with defining operational objectives

We detect all immediate and future needs (including those that are difficult to see) and we guide you through with friendly and intuitive flows of work that clarify, schedule, and implement government regulatory challenges. They are completely customizable which enables you to maintain knowledge and increase your non-tangible assets.


We become part of your team, enabling us to achieve an in-depth understanding of your operation, your targets, and your deadlines.

Our guidance takes into account key aspects for your success:

Sizing up the future

We create an adequate plan to fulfill regulatory compliance based on shared, transparent knowledge.

Continuous risk assessment

Strategic approach

With an integral team expert in energy, regulation, and government we create a “bullet-proof” file of regulatory compliance.

Deployment requirements

Project implementation

Accompanying you at every step with tailor-made strategies, we create a regulatory route that optimizes the implementation of regulatory compliance to help move your project forward in the simplest and, error-free way.

Intelligent process = streamlined effort