Talanza Energy Consulting



We know just how complex projects can be. We understand how strategic teams can be anywhere, some abroad, exploring, discovering new territories, with a load of regional portfolios where Mexico is just one more country to attend to.

Due to this, frequent delays occur in the execution of projects and commercial objectives that are subject to a complex and dynamic regulatory system.

Has this happened to you?

We look for all possible restrictions, creating opportunities so that your project becomes a reality in the most effective way. We will show you how to do it.


Thanks to our focus on regulatory and government intelligence we provide our clients with adequate compliance plans as well as continued risk assessment, to anticipate any unexpected regulatory requirement during the planning stages.

Why is regulatory intelligence necessary?

Because regulatory requirements are dynamic, contradictory,
unclear and, above all… numerous:

  • Exploration, appraisal and development plans
  • Local content, technology transfer programs
  • Drilling permits
  • Creation, implementation and monitoring of SASISOPA, MIA, EVIS, etc.
  • Permits for regulated activities (transport, storage,
    distribution, marketing, etc.)
  • Economic regulation (approval of tariffs, terms of agreement, open season)
  • Tax model, contracts, regulatory framework of the energy sector, among
    many other things.

Does that sound complicated enough? No? Not with Talanza helping you it doesn’t.

We want to create the right solutions for tackling current and future challenges.
With our proven skills, our leadership and
technological experience, we inspire others to move forward with their projects.

This is what we call the Talanza Method.

Planning and follow-up

Our project administration methodologies combined with a technological platform for regulatory management, means that we ensure efficient compliance in full and on time, preventing any risk of non-compliance.

Governmental knowledge

We are able to minimize compliance costs since we have first hand experience of the workings of regulation, of the dependencies concerned, and of the views of the public servants who authorize the necessary permits for project execution

Specialized consultancy

Each of our specialists have experience in the application and revision of regulations, which allows us to ensure that our clients’ projects fully comply with the regulatory requirements.

Constant generation of knowledge

We share the most relevant information with our clients and develop joint analyses tailored to the different stages of their projects.


We go beyond conventional guidance to become capability builders. We are mentors rather than suppliers. This is the Talanza style of consultancy.

Traditional consultancy

  1. The client is facing doubts or problems
  2. He engages an external consultancy to fix the problems
  3. The relationship ends (the consultancy withdraws
    with all the experience).

Talanza consultancy

  1. Talanza and client generate synergy together to:
    Execute with efficiency
  2. The client receives assistance and training thus increasing
    his non-tangible assets
  3. When the service concludes the client retains the
    training and the knowledge.

We know so much about the energy regulatory environment not because we have studied it but because we have lived it, created it, and executed it.