Talanza Energy Consulting


We are at the cutting-edge of energy consultancy. We keep pace with the industry and our clients to accompany them at every stage of their projects with regulatory and governmental intelligence.

Additionally, we operate anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies. We understand that any incorrect activity will result in damage not only to our clients and partners but also to ourselves and the reputation of our consultants.


In the top position, leading your project with direction and strength, moving forward with agility and efficiency.


Our experience is key to offering our clients the most effective options for solving any government challenge related to the Mexican energy sector.

We cover important aspects that require a wide range of knowledge, such as cultural and administrative processes in the public sector, including legal, engineering, HSE, social, financial, corporate, fiscal, business, etc.

In other words, our principal business is to help our clients begin their operations as quickly as possible, delivering “bullet-proof” regulatory compliance records and minimizing the risk of non-compliance for their operations in Mexico.