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Measuring, estimating, and sampling methodologies for emissions quantification
October, 2021
Medición, estimación y metodologías de muestreo para la cuantificación de emisiones
October, 2021
Net-zero and the sustainability of the O&G industry
September, 2021
Net-Zero y la sustentabilidad de la industria de hidrocarburos
September, 2021
LDAR, la punta de lanza para la prevención  y control de las emisiones de metano
August, 2021
LDAR, the spearhead for the prevention and control of methane emissions
August, 2021
Mejores prácticas y la flexibilidad de  la regulación de emisiones de metano
July, 2021
Best practices and the flexibility of methane emmissions regulation
July, 2021
Alternativas al paro de actividades
June, 2021
Alternatives to halt oil and gas activities
June, 2021
Technology transfer theory and practice and how to overcome Mexico’s impasse
May, 2021
PPCIEM: La oportunidad de la ASEA para regresar a México al liderazgo internacional
March, 2021
PPCIEM: ASEA’s opportunity for Mexico’s international leadership comeback
March, 2021
Extensions for Exploration and Appraisal periods
February, 2021
Green deal: how environmental best practices allow for a greater ROI in methane emissions regulations
January, 2021
Plan Quinquenal para Exploración y Producción, 2020-2023
November, 2020
Five-Year Plan for Exploration and Production, 2020-2024
November, 2020
Soberanía energética para cumplir con objetivos
October, 2020
Energy sovereignty for making  end goals meet
October, 2020
Finding common ground in Training and Technology Transfer programs
September, 2020
Encontrando el interés mutuo en los Programas de Capacitación y Transferencia de Tecnología
September, 2020
Convertir la producción de gas natural en ganancias
August, 2020
Turning natural gas production into profit
August, 2020
Regulaciones mexicanas para Emisiones de Metano: un llamado para reducir la carga administrativa
July, 2020
Mexican Regulations on Methane Emissions:               a call for reducing the bureaucratic burden
July, 2020
Regions in risk of default with  the new Storage Policy
June, 2020
Integrating Exploration and Appraisal into one regulatory phase
May, 2020
It is all in the file: Approval of Maximum Tariffs
April, 2020
Considerations on relinquishment processes in Oil and Gas Contracts
March, 2020
SASISOPA Regulatory Compliance for Upstream
January, 2020
Interconnection: Sistrangas – Mayakan
November, 2019
AMLO, AMEXHI and the future of the oil and gas industry
October, 2019
Efficiency gains in E&P Plan Regulations
September, 2019
Changes to the Operating Balance Rules at CENAGAS
August, 2019
Electrical problems in Yucatan peninsula
July, 2019
Injunction vs energy regulators’ acts
June, 2019
Pemex’s farm-outs: The big opportunity
May, 2019
CENAGAS, the operator of the SISTRANGAS seeks to expand
April, 2019
GATHERING, the upcoming challenge in increasing production
March, 2019
REINVENTING THE WHEEL: the false debate of public vs private investment
February, 2019
Scenario analysis for fiscal regime  and stability
January, 2019
Economic balance protection in oil contracts
December, 2018
PEMEX at 5 years from the reform
November, 2018
Considerations on well drilling authorizations
October, 2018
Exploration plans: Essentials of Regulatory Compliance
September, 2018
Compliance risks with upcoming administration
July, 2018