Talanza Energy Consulting


Regtech automates and controls legal and regulatory obligations of exploration projects, extraction of hydrocarbons, and energy infrastructure. It also manages commercial contracts (if they are related to the energy sector) while minimizing risks and costs associated with non-compliance.


The system incorporates contractual obligations with regulatory obligations that contractors or permit holders have to fulfill. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows our clients to access all the necessary information to achieve compliance in one single site.

Talanza’s Regtech solution helps our clients start operations in the shortest time possible, delivering “bullet-proof” regulatory compliance files that minimize the risk of non-compliance for their operations in Mexico.

The project management tools of Talanza’s Regtech allows users and license holders to comply by the due date, plan ahead and optimize the timeframe to achieve the operators’ normative compliance.

An integral solution that allows clients to solve the challenge of normative compliance with an efficient solution

that liberates manpower for more important activities. The Regtech solution helps operators comply with contractual and regulatory obligations that generate benefits from the first day of its implementation.

Talanza’s Regtech solution consists of the following:

Regulatory compliance management

Based on good project management principles. Breakdown of regulations into manageable and traceable tasks. Email alerts, a “traffic light” system, and Gantt diagrams.

Legal and regulatory database

All the contracts from rounds, regulations, administrative arrangements, and Mexican procedures are centralized and completely linked.

Knowledge center and help desk

Strategic consultancy in a framework of questions and answers, archived for future reference. Talanza provides first-level support for any general query.