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  • Talanza Energy is committed to the sustainable development of the energy industry. We have decided to go one step further towards achieving this sustainability taking an important role in the industry, and contributing to the regulatory framework to prevent and control fugitive methane emissions. With this in mind, we have obtained the authorization to rule on the matter of the general administrative regulations which establish the guidelines for the prevention and control of methane emissions in the hydrocarbons sector (guidelines), in:
  • Upstream operations.
  • Processing, compression, liquefaction, decompression and regasification, as well as transportation though pipelines, storage and distribution of natural gas
The objective of the guidelines is to establish the activities and mechanisms that need to be adopted for the prevention and control of methane emissions by all companies in the hydrocarbons sector. Additionally they contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GEI) in the industry, since methane emissions in Mexico represent 20.8% of total GEI emissions, 15% of which come from the oil and gas sector.
In Talanza Energy our objective is to offer our clients the most effective alternative to resolve any government challenge related to the Mexican energy sector. We aim to be always ahead of the curve in regulatory issues. Today, with our Third Party Authorization to rule on the of the Programs for the Prevention and Comprehensive Management of Methane Emissions within the Hydrocarbon Sector (PPCIEM), and the subsequent annual reports required by the National Agency for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection of the Hydrocarbons Sector (ASEA), we have consolidated ourselves as the experts for helping help oil companies achieve key regulation compliance for industry sustainability.

Our ethics are unparalleled. We work according to tough anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies. We are also in the process of becoming part of the Business Integrity Register set up by the Ministry of Public Function.


Since the publication of ASEA’s guidelines in 2018, all companies are required to have a PPCIEM that includes the diagnosis of methane emissions in each installation, the annual aims, and objectives for reducing and identifying the necessary actions to be implemented for prevention and control. This PPCIEM must be evaluated by a Third Party before being delivered to the Agency.

Our service is summarized in four main activities:

  1. Information analysys
  2. On-site verification (statistical sampling)
  3. Clarification and recommendations
  4. Qualified technical opinión


Análisis preliminar de información,

En el que determinamos si el Regulado cuenta con toda la información necesaria para evaluar el PPCIEM, propiamente documentada y consistente con la regulación;



En el que una vez analizada la información
proporcionada por el Regulado se hace una
revisión ágil y general con la cual advertimos si el Dictamen del PPCIEM pudiera ser no favorable, junto con las observaciones pertinentes, propiamente fundamentadas.
Con lo anterior, nuestros clientes tienen la oportunidad de modificar o corregir su PPCIEM y volverlo a ingresar, ahorrando tiempo y dinero en el proceso.


Dictamen final

En donde entregamos un documento con la opinión técnica calificada del tercero, que deberá entregarse a la ASEA junto con el PPCIEM.


Because we must reduce methane emissions:

  • Mexico is among the 10 largest methane emitting countries at a global level.
  • Methane is responsible for 40% of global warming since the industrial revolution.
  • Methane has a warming potential 84 times more than CO2, measured over a 20 year period.
  • The oil and gas industry in Mexico is the second-highest source of anthropogenic methane emissions.
  • Fossil fuels represent 36% of methane emissions.
  • Methane is a valuable source of energy when it is marketed as Natural Gas.
  • The future of the global oil industry depends on combatting emissions.

Talanza is committed to
creating a sustainable oil industry.

Part of this is playing a leading role in helping to prevent and control methane emissions. One of our commitments is to encourage the companies we assess to aim for Net-Zero. We also advise foreign government institutions, such as the Ministry for Mines and Energy in Colombia, on how to create regulation for the control and mitigation of methane emissions resulting from the oil industry in that country.

Net-Zero has become the major global commitment aimed at avoiding a climate crisis. The concept of zero net emissions came from the Paris Agreement to keep the increase in world temperature below 2°C. It expresses a commitment to reduce emissions to the maximum possible and to offset the rest.

From an economic viewpoint, banking institutions, financial regulators, and even consumers are demanding a clear commitment from companies to reduce their emissions. For example, banks belonging to the Net-Zero Banking Alliance are committed to having all their loan portfolio in carbon-neutral investments, reducing net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, in line with the science and the most ambitious objectives of the Paris Agreement.

This means that it will become increasingly complicated to obtain financing to grow a business if it is not aligned with a strategy working towards net-zero emissions.

An effective PPCIEM can contribute to this end. This is why we decided to ask the ASEA for authorization as a Third Party in this matter. Today, we are the second authorized Third Party for the Exploration and Extraction segment, able to help you achieve compliance with ASEA.


Our opinion process aims to help our clients document a consistent PPCIEM throughout its six years of validity, with a good diagnosis and adequate actions to achieve ambitious goals.

Our service is summarized in four main activities:

  1. Information analysys
  2. On-site verification (statistical sampling)
  3. Clarification and recommendations
  4. Qualified technical opinión

Our Liable and Technical Experts will maintain a permanent dialogue throughout the process, which allows us to share with our clients the best practices in terms of methane emissions and assure the harmony of regulatory compliance between the PPCIEM and other regulatory obligations.



Antonio is our Technical Expert for our qualified Technical Opinion process, accredited by ASEA to rule on methane dispositions for upstream activities.

He worked for 20 years in the National Oil Company, PEMEX Exploration and Production, his last position being Coordinator of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in the Veracruz Integral Asset, where he was fully involved in the pre-start-up activities of facilities for the processing of natural gas, as well as in the preparation of the Comprehensive Methane Emissions Prevention and Control Program for the asset.

In January 2019, the NGO Vitalis Latin America invited him to be part of its project, serving as Director of Environmental Management and being in charge of the development and monitoring of projects on eco-efficiency, cleaner production, circular economy, product life cycle analysis, as well as technical support in certification processes ISO-14001, ISO-45001, clean industry, and environmental audits and SEMS of the ASEA.

Antonio is a Chemical Engineer from the Universidad Veracruzana and has postgraduate studies at the INSA in Toulouse, France. He is also a Master in Technologies for Sustainable Development from the Universidad Anáhuac.

He completed a Diploma in Environmental Management for the Oil Sector at UNAM and a Diploma in Industrial Hygiene from the Mexican Association of Industrial Hygiene. Similarly, he has taken various national and international courses, among which the following stand out: "International training course for the oil and gas industry on environmental management and sustainable development" (Aberdeen, Scotland) and "Ecological Principles for Sustainable Development in Latin America ”(San José, Costa Rica).


Alfredo is our Tecnhical Expert for our qualified Technical Opinion process, accredited by ASEA to rule on methane dispositions for processing, compression, liquefaction, decompression, gasification, transportation by pipelines, storage, and distribution of natural gas.

He has over 15 years of experience in the hydrocarbon sector. He has worked for several international companies involved in energy projects, where he lead teams in the evaluation of pipeline integrity, worst case scenario analysis for exploration wells, and worked with fuel markers. He has ample experience in leak detection and repair programs.

Throughout his career, Alfredo has supervised the management of public contracts from the preparation of proposals to their execution, engaging in strategic alliances with national and international companies. His last position performing these activities was at the National Hydrocarbons Comisson.

Alfredo Tello holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Oaxaca Technical Institute, and a Master’s degree in Metalurgy from the Morelia Technical Institute.

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