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abril, 2019

CENAGAS, the operator of the SISTRANGAS seeks to expand

The Centro Nacional de Control del Gas Natural (CENAGAS), is the operator of the Sistema de  Transporte y Almacenamiento Nacional Integrado de Gas Natural (SISTRANGAS) and currently, the  only shipper of the integrated systems, offering to the market integrated capacity and charging tariffs  to the users.

In order to achieve its purpose, CENAGAS proposes and the Comisión Reguladora de Energía (CRE)  approves the transportation rates for each tariff zone, as well as the terms and conditions that govern  the provision of services.

With these tariffs charged for transportation services, the operator pays the different integrated  systems for their respective revenue requirements, as well as their own management costs and,  occasionally, the purchase of natural gas for the balancing of their systems.


The current General Director of CENAGAS, Lic. Elvira  Daniel, declared in April 2019 that the Mexican Government  is evaluating “to integrate more gas pipelines in the  country» to convert said Center into a «national manager»,  consistent with the provisions of the Fourth Review of  the Five-Year Expansion Plan of the SISTRANGAS, published  in the last days of March by the Ministry of Energy, where  the intention will be to expand the SISTRANGAS to include  the following projects:


It is interesting to evaluate what should happen for CENAGAS to be able to integrate the referred  projects into SISTRANGAS. It is worth reiterating that the incorporation is voluntary, so one of the first  steps will be to find incentives for pipeline developers to seek integration, either in tariff, energy securi-  ty or operational efficiency. Under this framework, the driver of integration requires an analysis of the  different feasible options in each case, with the understanding that integration is acceptable for gas  pipelines as long as there are economic incentives for the developer, and is acceptable for CENAGAS  if it represents systemic benefits (security, continuity, reliability, redundancy, etc.)

As Pemex once was the anchor shipper, now CFE integrates into the scheme being a feasible long-term  counterpart for CENAGAS contracts, highlighting the need to evaluate the options and conduct  studies, such as those that were made for the transfer of the contracts of Los Ramones Fase I of Pemex  Gas and Petroquímica Básica to CENAGAS itself.


  • Recover the certainty of the return on investment.
  • Solve a problem of public relations with the  government.
  • Extend the commercial life of the infrastructure.
  • Reduce the administrative and regulatory burden  when transferring commercial responsibilities to  CENAGAS manager.


Parties interested in integration, need to build a solid case that includes, among others, pre-feasi-  bility technical analyzes, a tariff proposal that  considers the needs of the environment, a legal  sequence in accordance with the regulatory  framework and the understanding of bilateral  relations that derive from integration, as well as a  full understanding of the benefits and / or risks of  the process.




The steps to continue with the integration  plans would be the following:

  1. CENAGAS should approach the developers to know their interest in joining the system.
  2. Developers must obtain approval from their respective Boards of Directors, but  more importantly from those entities that have financed part of their  investments, such as banks or funds.
  3. Together, they must inform CRE of their intention to integrate.
  4. CENAGAS must include the integration and its motivations in the Five-Year  Expansion Plan of SISTRANGAS 2020  to 2024.
  5. CRE must approve a new tariff package for the CENAGAS and resolve the integration.

Current tariff zones at SISTRANGAS

In TALANZA we support our clients  preparing the strategy for requesting integration, in which we involve  regulatory, technical and economical  arguments as well as advocacy efforts, for building a strong case in the application for integration.

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